The Trends of Economics, Finance, and Management Journal (TEFMJ) has been indexed in the Electronic Journals Library.

Electronic Journals Library was founded in 1997 as part of a project by the University Library of Regensburg, in cooperation with the Library of the Technical University of Munich. The aim was to present electronic journals clearly to all library users and to enable the participating libraries to manage their scientific e-journals quickly and effectively. It contains 110720 titles, of which 26500 are online-only journals, in all subject areas. In addition, 138739 journals are listed by aggregators. 74552 journals are freely accessible in full text.

For more information, please follow the link: https://ezb.ur.de/searchres.phtml?bibid=SBND&colors=7&lang=de&jq_type1=QS&jq_term1=Trends+in+Economics%2C+Finance+and+Management+Journal

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