The whole process of the application, reviewing, proofreading and publication of the TEFM Journal  has been automatized with the creation of this website. Thus you as an author can submit your paper by fulfilling the online application form with your information and thereby attach the full paper.

Submitting of Papers:

To submit your paper please register or log in to our web platform. 

By registering you will create your profile on our web platform, and will be able to easily follow the whole process of the publication of your paper (technical correction, review and proof reading processes) in one go. Through this function you will be also able to communicate in an efficient manner with the Editorial Board and the Technical Editor of the publication. You will also receive regular notifications on the open calls for the new TEFM Journal  editions, the status of your respective paper, as well be able to upload and download your paper for further corrections etc.

In case you have any additional need for information regarding some of the aforementioned processes, please contact us via mail: 

Detailed Guidelines for Authors

The author has to send his/her manuscripts accompanied by an authorship statement.

More specific information on the technical requirements of the paper will be listed in the detailed Paper Template document you will be able to find  and download it.

Please read it thoroughly and follow it precisely as the lack of doing so might constitute technical obstacle which can compromise the publication of your paper. All papers go through several phases of review, first of which is – the review of the basic technical requirements needed for publication.

Should you need more information you can contact us directly on: 

In case you are submitting a paper produced in co-authorship: 

We encourage the academic collaboration and in that sense welcome papers which are produced in co-authorship. The regional collaboration providing for a deeper insights is also seen as an asset. In that sense we encourage you to submit your papers which can be produced in co-authorship of maximum 3 authors . When submitting your paper in these cases please note that You can apply as a single author on our web page, and submit a paper which is produced in co-authorship with another author/s.

Note: All authors can register to the platform but only one should submit the paper in the name of the group.