If you are interested to become a Peer Reviewer of the TEFMJ please fill in the online application form at the end of this page.

The Editorial Board members are free to suggest reviewers from their respective faculties to be included to the Peer Reviewers Pool, but the reviewers are also free to apply for this position themselves. The Editorial Board has a final say in the selection of the Peer Reviewers of the journal.
Please note, that if you are selected as a Peer Reviewer, you will be listed in our Peer Reviewers Pool, in accordance with your specific area of expertise and economic field you are working in.

As a reviewer you might be assigned more than one paper for review or omitted in some instance. Sometimes we might have more applications coming from one specific area of economics, which can cause that some peer reviewers might be omitted since there are no paper submission dealing with the adequate discipline they cover.

Useful to have in mind: As the process of the review of the papers is of crucial importance for the successful publication of the journal, you should confirm or decline your engagement in the shortest time span as possible so that a new reviewer can be contacted. Note that you have 15 days to complete your review.

Should you need more information which is not available here, please contact us on: tefmj@ibu.edu.mk

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