Asst. MSc. Tirana Ameti

Tirana Ameti is a Teaching Assistant within the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at International Balkan University.

Asst. MSc. Kristina Velickovska

Position: Teaching Assistant
Faculty: Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Contact email:

Kristina Velichkovska is a Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences within International Balkan University, Skopje. She is a graduated economist and holds a master degree in Business Administration. Her areas of interest are in macroeconomics and monetary economics, as well as in business and corporate finance. During her engagement in IBU, she has been part of the organizational teams of several international scientific conferences and congresses.

Asst. MSc. Ceneta Telak Durmishi

Asst.Ceneta Telak Durmishi , a PHd student under the International Business department. Had bachelor and master degree at International Economic Relations . Currently working as a academic assistant at International Balkan University under the faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. At the same time is a part time encouraged at international relations office under the same university and responsible for the Erasmus + projects. Had been working as an assistant for the academic affairs of the Rector at the same university for one year.
Had been very active in the non governmental sector of this state and the partner states , involved in many projects leaded by this sector.
Had been young researcher like an introduction to the academic carrier and a member of many research platforms.